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    Contactpersons wanted


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    Contactpersons wanted

    Post  Webmaster on Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:08 pm

    Currently the fanclub is looking for Prince Valiant contactpersons in the following countyries:

    Asian countries?

    What will be your job: you will be our PV expert, and mentioned as such at the site. Once and a while we will ask you to answer some PV questions. Sometimes we will ask you to translate some text (from English to your own language), and sometimes you will receive questions throughout this forum, as being an expert. If you register at the forum to may call yourself for ex "spain expert".

    What do you get in return for your work? Well, a smile Wink and a thank you from the fanclub. We're all volunteers!

    Feel free if you like to be a contact person, just drop the webmaster a line, or post it here at the forum.

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